Brief Profile
Shenzhen Handa Technology Co., Ltd(Henda Tech), established in 2013, is an international enterprise focused on helping world-wide users achieve outstanding operations and growth.
By reducing cost, improving efficiency and ensuring quality, we developed supply chain solutions for our users' most challenging issues.

We has more than 9 years’ experience on office and home supplies (such as laptop stand, book stand), outdoor activity supplies(such as car door step), health beauty supplies(such as hair dryer, hair removal device), toy and gift supplies(such as toy gun, toy car, toy drone, Luminous toy).

Our company is a high-tech enterprise and  . . . . . .
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All inquiries will be answered
within half an hour.
7/24 uninterrupted service
All defective products could
be replaced for free
We promise to deliver the goods in the most affordable, fastest and safest way
All products could be customized based on the requirement of the users